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How to Choose the Best Sous Vide Cooker

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Despite sous vide cooking existence for decades, it is only recently that it became popular for the home kitchens.  In this article, we will be looking at some of the things any interested buyer needs to keep in mind before spending their hard-earned cash on a Sous Vide Cooker.

Water Bath Capacity

The Sous Vide Cooker water bath capacity is, in most cases, between 2-3 gallons. It is practical as you will always have to carry the machine to your kitchen sink whenever you want to empty or clean it. The capacity is believed to be enough for home cooking.The capacity of water bath immersion circulators ranges from 3-10 gallons. When cooking large volumes of food, you will always have to go for an immersion circulator compatible with high capacity.

Frequency of Cooking

Cooking using Sous Vide needs some time. Some recipes will take even a day or more. When planning to cook such types of foods, the water ovens will always be recommended as it does away with the evaporation problem.
Although they might get a container with a lid that perfectly fits a particular immersion circulator brand, the water ovens are always more energy efficient. In case you are cooking for a long time, then you should use water ovens.

The Amount of Food to be Cooked

amount of foodIn case you will be cooking one steak at a time, then there is no need to have a large water bath. The immersion circulators will always be suitable for those people who will be cooking only a small portion of food since they can use the container as a water bath provided the food is immersed in it.

The immersion calculators come with sensors for water levels. Whenever the water level is below the threshold, the machine will stop by itself, preventing it from overheating. However, the minimum water depth does vary from one model to another.

To get the best from sous vide cooking, you need to invest in the right cooker. Ensure that you consider the factors above whenever you are in the market for the best cooker. Whats more, you will enjoy great meals that are well-cooked and with all nutrients retained. Moreover, the method can allow you to cook without having to watch over the food.…