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Types of Storage Spaces

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There are different types of storage facilities available in different parts of the country. You need to search to see what is available in your area to suit your needs. Storage units come in various sizes and are divided into individual rooms, plots, pods, or cells. Most of them can either be rented for short and long periods or even be bought. You can use singapore storage space to keep your valuables. The following are the types of storage spaces.

Indoor Storage

These are storage units located within a building with no direct access to the outdoors. The facility is more protected from elements. They also offer climate control services you don’t have to worry about the weather and exposure to outdoor elements.

Indoor storage units are available in all sizes ranging from narrow closets to large rooms. You might want to consider the storage room’s location in the building to prevent extreme temperature and humidity.

Drive-Up Storage

Drive-up storage varies in heights like 10-foot wide by 15- foot deep. The doors are meant to roll up like garage doors. Most allow vehicles to be packed in the larger units but others don’t. You might want to check with the management.

Drive-up storage may include several rows of buildings divided into several storage units. Owners are allowed to pull up their vehicles up to the door of the units to drop or pick up items.

Mobile Storage

Mobile storage units are meant to hold your items for some time. The storage pods might look like small train cars which come in different sizes. You can fill the storage unit over a few days or weeks and the moving company will move the unit to where you want to go.

Mobile storage is alternatives to renting a bulk truck and moving it by yourself. The management of the storage company doesn’t allow the person renting to access the unit, that person might be required to provide one or two days’ notice before visiting. If you have heavy equipment it might be moved to the ground while they stack storage pods on top of each other.


Outdoor Storage

Outdoor storage options are mainly for vehicles such as cars, bikes, tractors, boats, etc. You simply drive in your spot and drive out when you need to retrieve your vehicle. You don’t have to make many trips from your car to the door of the building itself.

This will save you money especially if you are using movers who charge per hour. They are equipped with security features like cameras and security guards to keep your vehicles from theft and vandalism. Some outside storage is only partitioned by wire mesh but very safe.…